Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 for 21, Day 16 - 2012

Maya the baker.

Every Tuesday I pick up Maya from school.  I have to take her out a little early so she can attend her occupational therapy.  Usually we all drop our kids off from the outside for school, so when I pick her up early I get to walk inside the school.  A place I only see once a week.  As I walked the hallway in the school to her classroom, I noticed the wall had some decorations.  There was Maya or at least a picture of her head pasted to an outline of a baker, on the wall.

I remembered that the week before fall break there was a lesson about cooking/baking.  The class made a couple of projects, one was a chef hat and the other was decorating and eating cookies.  The teacher had mentioned to me that Maya really enjoyed pretending to be a baker.  

It was nice to see Maya's project hanging with the rest of the class.  And to see how she colored her page.  I think she's come a long way with her coloring.  She is still trying to eat the crayons, but every day her interest in coloring gets a little bit longer.

On a similar note I've noticed in the last few weeks that Maya has been gravitating towards using her magnidoddle.  She scribbles "pictures" or maybe she is "writing" stories.  She sits and draws and draws for quite a while (for Maya).  She is practicing holding the pen in a tri-pod grasp. It's good to see this stage.  I noticed she leans towards markers, pens or brushes, perhaps crayons are just not her medium of choice.  I just love watching her develop into her own person. 

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