Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 for 21, Day 27: Field trip.

Today Maya and I went on a field trip with the school.  I often have mixed feelings about these kind of events because Maya usually has her own agenda in mind and most of the time it has nothing to do with what is going on.   When we get to the place, party or whatever it is, she doesn't always know what we are there for.  Of course this never stops me from taking her.  With enough exposure I figure one day she will get it.

First off I have to say that the weather was fantastic!  This might not mean a thing to most people, but in Arizona we go through brutal summers.  The end of October is when it finally starts to cool down...and I mean the end as in the last day of October.  So when I woke up this morning feeling the chilly air, I was grateful.

As soon as we walked into the pumpkin patch, Maya went straight to the pumpkins and actually sat and posed for me.  We did a little pumpkin searching and I was so proud of Maya for picking out her own pumpkin.  She also was very captivated by the guy on the tractor that brought more pumpkins.  It was the first time I've seen her so interested in a tractor.

Next, we decorated the pumpkins.  This is a big deal because I can really see how much she has grown. She stood all on her own on a hay bail while trying to decorate the pumpkin with stickers. She understood what we were doing.  And as far as I could tell she was enjoying it.  A double hooray because she didn't put one of those stickers in her mouth! 

After a hayride and checking out the farm animals, we went onto a hay bail maze.  The last time we were at this pumpkin patch, Maya was close to 18 months old.  She wasn't walking yet and she had no interest in any of this.  But today, she went into the maze and she followed the others all the way out.

She lasted the whole time at the field trip, including eating a snack with everyone.  It may seem strange to some, but it made me so proud to see her do these activities.  It eases my mind.  She is able to interact with her peers and do things that every kid does.  Even if she does it a little differently she has a good time doing it. 

Maya is telling me the pumpkins are cold.

"Where you going tractor man?"

Serious decorating going on.

Entering the maze.

Running in the maze, following the others.



Becca said...

I'm so proud of Maya, too!!!! I love seeing all the things she was doing there - your pics tell a beautiful story. Especially the last one - that's the BEST! :-) It just takes time, but our kids "get it" eventually.

The only time I was ever in Arizona was over Halloween, about 10 years ago. And man, was it HOT! I was amazed. But the mornings were absolutely beautiful and cool. Incredible weather, beautiful place. We'll come visit you some time. LOL

Beverly said...

awww she looks so grown up here. glad you both had fun. xoxo

evrfwd said...

Becca, I hope you come and visit us someday! It would be a riot having our girls together. =) You are always welcome.

Beverly, you are also welcome to come chill with us too. I would be so much fun. =)