Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 for 21, Day 22: The big girl chair.

This week I took Maya to get a haircut...a much needed trim.  As soon as she saw the building she knew exactly what we were going to do.  She didn't want to go and started to scramble for a way out.  Luckily the lady that does her hair, already knows she loves Barney.  So she had already popped in the tape and started the Barney video.  At that point I found myself trying to figure out what exactly to say to this three year old that just hates the water being sprayed in her hair, hates the sound of the blow dryer.  Barney, that's all I could say, "Let's go see Barney."

Now Maya is getting more strong willed and this mind you is a good thing.  She is developing in the regular course of a three year old I guess.  So I usually can deal with it.  But today she really tested me.  She would not, and I mean NOT, bend her knees to get into the little car seat for the haircut.  Usually the car is where she sits, she's OK with it.  The broken horn distracts her a little bit, but mostly Barney does the trick.  Today, there was no way I could get her in. She was stiff as a board. It was kind of hilarious now that I think about.

The hairdresser said, "let's try the big chair.  OK at that point I'll try everything.  The first thing I said was, does the seat belt work.  Because the seat belt in the car is kind of broken.  She said yes, so I gave it a try.  Low and behold she sat in it.  She didn't budge, she didn't try and get out, she didn't fight it.  Then we switched Barney on and all was good.

So I'm happy to say that Maya is now using the big girl chair.   At least when she gets her haircut.  =)

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Donna said...

Maya looks great! Blog hopping a few days late, but I am trying to get around to everyone. My Katie has a head full of hair and she really needs a trim. I too am afraid that she won't sit still. Your post is encouraging. I love forward to following your blog.