Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21, Day 31: Halloween 2010

It was a good day.  Halloween 2010.  As a family we met some of our friends to trick or treat together. As always it's an adventure with a 2 1/2 year old.  Maya wasn't into it this year.  But she was much better than last year.  It was great hanging out with our friends, going up and down the street and meeting everyone.  I am living vicariously though Maya since my Halloween years weren't that wonderful.  Really I feel so lucky to have this experience.  I loved watching our friend's kids walking up to the door and saying in that cute 2 year old voice, "twick or tweet".  I couldn't help but think, one day Maya will be doing that. 

I have to mention that I am so proud of hubby for putting on a brave face and venturous out with us.  He didn't complain once!  I often have to remind myself that Halloween is an American thing.  It may seem bizarre to people from other countries, getting dressed up in strange outfits and knocking on people's doors to get candy.  But I think hubby is getting used to the concept, and I dare say may even consider dressing up for Halloween...maybe next year?  Well anyway, a girl can dream.

Today is the last day of October, the last day of 31 for 21.  Whoohoo, I did it!  It was certainly a challenge.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Please keep checking in, I will keep posting although maybe not everyday.  oxo

Getting ready.

off we go!

buzz, buzz, buzz.
happy bumble bee and her mama.

resting after trick or treating.

two bumble bees and a lady bug.

2010 loot, including a stuffed owl from our sweet neighbor.


Becca said...

Love it!! Maya's a fantastic little bee!
I, too, love to be able to re-live Halloween through Samantha. I remember while I was pregnant, how excited I got at Halloween thinking that I'd be able to do that with my little one soon.
Glad she was into it more this year! It'll keep getting better, I promise. Sammi was much more into it this year and enjoyed herself, much different than last year.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart! You have a lovely bumblebee there!♥

Jo, just wait until lil Maya starts talking. I have to confess that I taught Gabe, "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat." before Halloween and THANKFULLY he didn't say it while out with Terry last night! Phew!

Soon, your Maya will be saying ALL sorts of wondrous things!

Michelle said...

She'll get there! :)
Maya made such an adorable bee!!!!!!
And WOOT on the 31 for 21!!!!! Yay!!!!