Tuesday, October 19, 2010

31 for 21, Day 19: Maya and her friends

This week we started a little workshop at the library which gives children from 0-5 the opportunity to socialize with each other.  Basically there are 10 stations of toys set up in the room and the kids play on their own and together.  When we took this workshop earlier this year Maya did not have a good reaction to the space.  It does get pretty noisy with all those kids and parents in the room.  I think there was just too much going on.  She seemed very irritated and would make her growling noises the whole time.   This year I noticed that she was not so upset by the noise and now that she is walking she really seemed to get around to all the stations.  The music section,  kitchen and the tunnel were her favorite places to roam.

Like all other toddlers Maya is learning to share and play nicely with others.  She seems to be following other's footsteps in grabbing and fighting over toys.  In the last few months though I have really seen that Maya is interacting with her buddies more often.  I do feel like I have to keep an eye out for what she is doing at all times.  It only takes one second and then she might have her mouth on someone's arm.  Yikes!!!  I try my hardest to give her space, to let things go naturally but I do worry that kids a little older/larger will push her around.  I have seen it happen. 

There have been some really nice moments in the last two months that I've been able to witness.  Like the time she fed her friend cheerios just out of the blue and the time she actually played nicely with a friend in the little kitchen at a play center.  I often repeat to Maya that these are her friends and I think she has finally picked up the cue.  Now when she sees a little buddy she will sign the word "friend" and then the word "nice" all by herself.  I think it is sort of stuck in her head that those two words go together.

Making pizza together

team work

Laughing and Dancing

Sharing Cheerios

Watching Signing Time together

Playing nice

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