Thursday, October 28, 2010

31 for 21, Day 28: park adventures

We went to the railroad park again today.  I am really loving this park, it has a train, carousal, snack bar and a huge playground.  We met up with some other mom's.  I'm super excited that Maya is starting to be a little more lovable.  It's always so cute to see her giving hugs.  Today she surprised me by not only hugging her little friends but a couple of the moms too.  Now Maya isn't only known for pulling  hair, she is also known for hugging everyone too. 

Now that it is cooling down I'm looking forward to getting out to the park and exploring different environments.  I love encouraging Maya to try different things.  Here are some photos of our adventure today.

Hello friend!

First time on this slide.  Ready to go...



So proud of me!

Hug for L's mom.

Found a leave in the sand.

Next stop, mouth.

Guilty as charged.

Maya giving L another hug.

Blurry but I love their expressions.

Happy playing together.


Michelle said...

Love that park! We haven't been there since 4th of July. Need to go back now that it's cooler...

Raquel said...

Hi my friend! I would love to have Noah and Maya meet up at the train park. Now that it is cooler we hang out there often.
Call me, e-mail me, anything... lets play!
Raquel and Noah