Monday, April 12, 2010

down with you book, pre-order now

i'm spreading the word because this project seems so wonderful..."down with you" books are up for pre-order with a big discount via The Other Person is You foundation.

See message below from Jagatjoti Khalsa:

We are offering to our early supporters like you a Pre-Order discounted rate of $19.95 which is $10 off the regularly price and when they are ordered during the next month, I will be signing every one's copy.

I would like to humbly ask to have your support promoting the early purchase of the book during the next month leading up to our press run. Please send out notes to your friends, family, organization list and using your twitter and Facebook to offer to your supporters a pre-purchase discount of $10 a book which means the book will be $19.95 for a large format hard cover book and I am going to sign all books ordered during this next month when they are ready for shipment. We are going to use part of the money to help finish the documentary as the good people at HBO and Showtime along with TLC are waiting a rough cut to view and this is how we are funding it.

Here is the link to click to purchase:

I'm Down with You will ship in August. All profits from sales of this book on this website will be donated to the organizations which support all aspects of the Down syndrome community. From sales on this site, The Other Person is You{foundation} will donate a minimum of $5.00 per book. We have compiled a list on the website by state to select from which will allow you to direct money from your book purchase directly to the organization you support.

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