Saturday, December 19, 2009

so many blogs, so little time...

i've been spending my last hour surfing around some blogs posted by a friend via facebook. i feel like i've been so out of the the loop for the last month because we have had family in town. first my mom came and then my in-laws. soon my sister in-law and her crew will also join us (minus my mom). it will be a full house to say the least.

maya, her dada and i have all caught a horrible cold. today it will be one week that we have it. we are all struggling to shake it off. honestly maya isn't being that put off by it. during the day she is just fine. it's mostly at night when she struggles with her stuffy nose. last night she woke up all in a panic because she felt like she couldn't breath. it sort of freaked me out a bit. i think this is basically our first real bout with a cold since she has been born. i can't help but think that if i was still nursing this might not have happened. oh well, i suppose it had to come about some time.

so today while i was surfing i came across a blog about people who have adopted a child with down syndrome from ukraine. i clicked on a few links and ended up at Reece's Rainbow and their homecoming page. it is a wonderful deed that these families have done by adopting children with d.s. and even more so from other countries. it's so very sad how people with disabilities are treated around the world. even though it is a hard thing to see i think it's worth it to open our eyes and hearts to others who are suffering. the fact that people are so generous to open their home to a child in need is so heartwarming and an inspiration. there are also others who can not adopt but still support by donating money to help others adopt. i really like this idea.

i have often thought about the idea of adopting a child, way before maya was born, even before i met my husband. now that i have maya of course my focus has changed. but somewhere in the back of my mind, i have a wish to adopt someone who deserves a home. i have always thought there are so many who deserve love and do not get it...and after seeing all the children on this site, i feel it even more so because of the neglect they receive because of their disabilities.

i have enjoyed reading and and viewing photos of these families journey. somehow reading their blogs takes away the mystery of adopting a child. it shows that it can be done. and that it can truly enrich your life.

here are a few:

hidden treasures

the 30 day journey.....for hope
newbold family's adoption journey
the road to nazereth

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Becca said...

I've always wanted to adopt, too, but we're not financially able to. We would have probably fostered with a goal of adoption if Samantha hadn't come along, at long last. Reece's Rainbow is an incredible and powerful site. I wish I could bring them all home!!