Wednesday, December 9, 2009

push toy and dancing

it's been forever since i've written. to be honest i'm super busy with family. my in-laws are here and my mom has been visiting us for a while now. not to mention christmas is around the corner...and today was the first day i was able to really shop. yikes! anyway lots going on but just wanted to take note of some great things going on these days.

three weeks ago i finally bought some blue painters tape to put around maya's push toy wheels (her p.therapist's request). it was the best 6 bucks i've ever spent! the moment we taped the back wheels and stood maya on it, she took off! it was so great to see. the weeks before that she was struggling to push it and stay balanced even with the therapists help, but taping the wheels really did the trick. now she is able to push the toy on her own.

last weekend we went to a down syndrome christmas get together. of course we had to get her photo on santa's lap. i was surprised she didn't kick and scream right off his lap she just had this awkward look on her face, it was a hoot! after the photo we went outside to listen to the music. i danced with maya in my arms and she loved it. then when i put her down to stand i noticed that she started to lift her legs, bending her knees (which she never does). it was obvious that she was trying to dance. it was so cute. she started taking off towards the crowd as i hung on to her. i was just so happy to see her motivated to walk.

today her p.t. said maybe she will walk by christmas or new years...i won't mind that at all. but to be honest lately i don't feel worried or anxious about her walking. i see her progressing everyday and i know she will do it when she is ready. just like everything she does, she will shine in her own time.

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Beth said...

Look at her go! The tape is a great idea! When my daughter was at this stage we had to load down her walking toy with socks filled with dry rice so it wouldn't run away from her.

It sounds like you are a very thoughtful and intentional parent (my favorite kind!). I look forward to following your blog and watching Maya (and you) grow.