Sunday, January 3, 2010

a new year

i've lost track of time it seems. nov and dec flew right past...and now it's 2010! happy new year everyone. i hope that all your dreams come true this year.

so far so good on our end. things are beginning to settle down now that all extended family are gone. i'm looking forward to getting our routine back in order. and for some reason i think maya is looking forward to it also. i think she has missed her story time and signing classes. in a couple of weeks we will start a new music class through the city. i'm looking forward to seeing how she interacts with all the kids in the class.

we've had a few set backs this last month since maya was sick with a cold. luckily she only had a sinus thing, no cough or ear infection. she's missed a lot of her p.t. because of it and i've noticed that she is not at all into working on walking. she is still cruising the furniture and is also doing a lot of what i call "downward dog". she basically is trying to stand up and ends up in that position until she gives up. it's kind of cute if i say so myself. unfortunately all the progress we have made with her potty training has sort of stopped. i'm a little sad that this has happened but i know that people have said that this happens when kids get sick. i'm sure it's just a minor setback.

one thing that has not stopped is maya's interest in signing time. she received many new dvd's for christmas and they are coming in handy. she enjoys watching the new dvd's and she is still picking up signs left and right. i'm very grateful for this.

it's been a fast two months and now that we are in the 2010 i'm looking forward to the new year. soon we will be celebrating our birthdays. in february i will turn 40 and in march maya will be 2. i'm so excited for us! i have a feeling that maya and i will reach many goals this year.


Rosa said...

Maya and my son have the same age. My son will turn two in March. She is like the female version of my son.

Becca said...

Maya will do amazingly this year! Just when you're celebrating one milestone, she'll pop out another 10. :-) Are you going to start her in school in the fall? I bet she'll be a little class leader!