Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday, it happened!

we had some friends over last sunday. they have a sweet little pea, who also happens to have Down Syndrome. it was so great to hang out with them. we spent a lot of time just chatting, eating and enjoying the little ones. it was then, sometime in the late a.m. when Maya decided that she was gonna stand up all on her own. it was so amazing and even more so to share it with our friends. all that day we encouraged her to stand by clapping and cheering her on. Maya also loves to clap for herself so she was totally into it.

the next day, I kept telling her to stand, and she did, over and over again. oh what a beautiful sight it is! over the next few days, she was very enthusiastic about standing. then on wednesday morning, while we were having OT, Maya stood up and took two tiny steps. oh they were so very tiny, but they were steps. she is getting a little bit more adventurous, taking tiny steps here and there everyday now. they are oh so small, but they are treasured dearly.

since then, i have noticed that Maya is definitely gaining more confidence. she is standing up more my furniture or the wall and even the stove. now she is interested in exploring spaces. it feels so good to see this happen. it's almost here, i can really see it. she's gonna take off any minute and then i'm sure i'll be chasing after her (with a big grin on my face).



Lianna said...

I simply cannot wait until you post Maya walking!!! She is well on her way!

I have to say that she is so scrumptious!!! Love that video.♥

Rosa Maria said...

She is getting ready to walk and when she is walking, she will be all over the place and you will be running behind her. She is beautiful!

Sumithra said...

Wow. That was so beautiful to watch. My son has just started to pull up to standing with support. And, I'm waiting for the day when I could run behind him.....