Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quick update on school.

Maya did very well her first day!  Yay, no tears at on Monday.  Tuesday the teacher and aide said she was a little pouty for about 20 seconds.  They picked her up and she was just fine after that.  But so far she is doing very well with drop off.  She pretty much goes straight to playing.   Today was the first day she actually said bye to me.

I think she was missing it yesterday (no school on Wednesdays) because when she woke up she was signing "school" the whole time I was dressing her.  It was really cute.

Anyway I hope that we continue to have this great experience.  So far so good...

Maya walking out of her class today.


Becca said...

Ohhhhh, what a BIG girl she is!!! I think she'll be fine from now's those first few days that are the most uncertain, and it looks like she passed through them with flying colors! It's amazing what some toys and some other children can do to distract a child from missing her parents. :-) How many kids are in her class?

evrfwd said...

I was very please because today was the third day with a break in between. Last time she was more upset on that third day...but this time she didn't cry at all.

I think there are about 10 kids in the class right now. Many of her old classmates went on to kindergarten. There are some old buddies still there tho. One little boy just loves Maya and always give her a hug when he sees her. Today that same little boy was yelling out the car window, "bye Maya, bye Maya." Too cute!

Beverly said...

that is awesome she is loving and doing so well xoxo