Saturday, June 19, 2010

walk this way!

it's happening! that's all i keep saying to myself.  every time i see maya get up and start walking i feel a sense of calmness.  it seems strange but i feel calm inside...content that my little bugger is getting around more on her hind legs.  she has started to take her own steps here and there, without us even saying a word to her about it.  15 steps here 20 steps there.  she even has surprised me and has walked into the room when i didn't expect it. 

this week has been magical.  i enrolled her in a "gym" class for the next couple of months.  i did it in the hopes that maya would be more interested in walking and interacting with others.  i am so happy to see that she is really getting into it.  this week, she has started to walk around the gym and has been exploring her surroundings. 

oh my goodness!  it's sooooo much fun to see where she is going...i just watch with wonder.  besides the calmness in my mind...i have started to feel a little bit of anxiety.  that is so funny, two extreme opposites, huh?! yes, calm because she is finally getting into walking...and anxiety because she is walking towards objects that she could potentially fall onto or hit when she loses her balance.   i know this is what all mom's go through so i'm not too stressed about it.  i would never trade these feelings for anything, because hearing her little feet go pitter-patter is music to my ears.


Rosa said...

Yahoo! It is so exciting. For both of us, it has been a long way to wait for it. I love the photos of Maya walking. I am so happy for you guys. Good job Maya! Kisses and Hugs.

Erin said...

Yay! Wonderful! I completely understand your conflict of emotions.

Unknown said...

Yay Maya!!!

Becca said...

Yes, it is a funny mixture of feelings. We were so relieved when Samantha started walking, but yes, we started to panic especially because we hadn't babyproofed yet. We didn't give Sammi much of an opportunity to fall down or get bumps, which I think, in a way, did her a disservice since she doesn't know how to avoid issues like that on her own. I'm definitely one of those paranoid mammas. :-) I love the pic of Maya walking! This is so cool!