Friday, February 5, 2010

sicky woes...

this week was a hard week. first i became ill with what i think is a bad cold (all in the chest), but what the doctor say is the flu. all week i was too weak to do much of anything. unfortunately all of maya's therapies were canceled since everyone is worried about getting sick. (who can blame them?!) being sick with a baby is not the easiest things to deal with. before i had maya if i was sick i would take the day off and just lay on the couch and watch, that is not an option. maya needs to be feed, changed and entertained to some degree (or she gets into trouble). she has been a trouper and hasn't complained one bit. although i'm sure she is very bored of staying home all day, she is her mother's daughter after all.

by tuesday i notice maya had a low grade fever. she wasn't cranky but she wasn't taking her naps like she usually does. hhhmm, that is strange. when thursday came and she was not sleeping well, still had a fever and woke up crying for no reason...i rushed her to the doctor. sure enough, the doc said she has an ear infection.

this is the first time that she has had an ear infection. thank goodness for my mama intuition...something told me that there was something wrong and i suspected her ear since i saw her touch her ear once when she was crying. on the way to the doctor's office, i almost talked myself out of going...thinking i was just overreacting with my one and only child. it seems i always have these little conversations with myself, things i should do, things i shouldn't do...i'm glad i didn't listen to that other voice.

luckily today the o.t. was brave enough to come. maya did pretty good but was definitely done before her usual time. the highlight of our day was when maya's dada came home early and we went to the park for some swing time. maya was so happy to swing....and i was glad to be out.
yes, fresh air that was the best thing ever!


Kelli said...

What a beautiful, adorable little girl...I just LOVE the last picture of her on the swing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart! To end your post to see that beautiful picture made my heart soar! I hope you're both feelig better and well into full good health!♥

I agree with you on your intuition!

Hua said...

These pictures are great! She looks so happy!

Director of Blogger Networks

Beverly said...

feel better soon