Thursday, November 5, 2009

November is here!

someone asked if i will continue blogging as much as i did in october. well i guess the answer came the moment it turned november 1st and i skipped town. hehehe. all kidding aside, i would love to continue writing as i did last month but it was really a huge undertaking. i'm not quite sure i could keep it up with that intensity for more than a month. what's my latest excuse, well quite honestly i am exhausted.

this last week has been a wash for me. i haven't been able to get things done and prepare for my mother and my in-laws arrival, as i had wanted. husband fell ill with a cold and i'm feeling a bit poorly myself. thankfully maya has not been affected.

so for the last several days i have been taking care of maya 100% of the time (no therapies or respite). this would include bath and reading time in the evening otherwise reserved for her dada. the irony of the whole thing is that i don't mind that part of the day with her. she loves to take a bath and once the wrestling is over in putting her pajamas on, story time can be very calming and sweet. usually i'm just so exhausted by the end of the evening that i don't quite feel i can give her a 100%.

but all in all i think this week has gone well. there are so many stories i'd like to tell you, like the fact that maya has used a straw exclusively this week for drinking milk and that she and i have learned a few new signs this week just by singing her favorite songs, but i need to take care of myself and get some rest. so, i leave you with a couple of stories that a friend (i recently befriended via facebook) posted. i love seeing such positive stories in the news. i felt very hopeful when i read them. hope you enjoy them as well.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing those articles. I love hearing stories like those. It brightens my day.