Monday, July 6, 2009

first swim, july 4th '09

this was a wonderful fourth of july. this year we were invited to a friends house for a swim. this was maya's first swim experience. boy did she love it! she had such a happy face the whole time she was in the water. she was calm and curious all at the same time.

when i was in the pool with maya i thought about a few photographs i have tucked away in a photo album. they are of myself when i was a baby, swimming in a pool. i was a chunky baby and it looks like i also liked the water. i was thinking, while i held maya, that once i was her size and my mom was holding me in a pool. what a wonderful experience this life has given me. to be able to have maya in my life is such a gift. and to think i almost missed this chance of being a mother...but i'm glad that life had other plans for me.


Anonymous said...

My E loves the pool as well. We often find her in her swimming suit at rather unexpected times asking to go to the pool. :)

My name is Sarah said...

Oh that is so fun that Maya got to swim.