Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a special kind of hero

two weeks ago i ordered the book "A Special Kind of Hero: Chris Burkes' Own Story". it has been on my list of books to purchase and read since maya was first born. of late, i was really feeling the need to read this book because i want to know what a person with down syndrome thinks and feels about having down syndrome. i also want to know how other parents have guided their children with down syndrome to be extraordinary people.

i remember watching Life Goes On, in the early 90s. i really enjoyed the show. i didn't realize it then, how amazing it was that there was a tv series that featured a person with down syndrome as one of the main characters. now, it seems i look all around for actors, characters, stories or everyday people with down syndrome. i'm glad that so much awareness has been brought out in this day and age. advocates like Chris Burke are an inspiration to say the least.

yesterday morning i spent about an hour reading this book. and i have to
tell you that this is an amazing thing. most of the time i spend my time reading at night because it just seems that's when i have time. i have so much to do that i just don't have time to read during the day. i'm only a few chapters into the book but i really love it so far. the storytelling is right on. it feels very engaging and down to earth and at the same time informative. i'm looking forward to reading more of it.

if anyone who is reading this blog, knows of any other books that they can recommend....well please do let me know. thanks, j.

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