Sunday, April 5, 2009

sleep or a movie?

tonight is the first night that my baby girl fell asleep on her own. i am so excited and hope that all the hard work on the sleep training is starting to pay off. i've been on this road, reading books, fighting with myself on how to go about getting her to "self soothe", how and if to ween her off my breast milk at night, for weeks now. so many people have advice for me like don't give in, don't pick her up, let her cry it out. i've given up so many times, thinking ok, this time you win.

tonight is also the first night that D and i watched a movie, without once getting up to soothe or pat maya. i thought for a second that perhaps i too should go to sleep. but for once, maya fell asleep and i was awake, not tired and not stressed about the next mornings chores. we watched kabluey, and had so many laughs (quietly muffled under the palms of our hands of course). this is a momentous day in so many ways.

more on that later...

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~KC: said...

I'm so glad Maya is sleeping on her own now. :)