Thursday, February 5, 2009

sitting up from hands and knees

it was only two days after the physical therapist was showing maya how to sit up on her own when she surprised the heck out of me and did it in her crib. i had just put her down on her belly and within a minute i turned to find my daughter sitting up. she seemed as surprised as i did. that same day, she sat up on her own on the floor. and then again the next day. all these times i didn't see the actual transition so i don't know how she did it, only that she did.

that was last week. now this week it seems she hasn't been able to master the same skill. the therapist said that, that happens sometimes but that she will get it again. only minutes after the pt left she was on the floor on her own. i heard a thud and found that she was on her back. after a second she let our a loud wail. i felt so bad for her. i'm sure she had tried to sit up like she was learning with her pt, but failed. oh the pain in my heart. i can't believe i'm such a softy! it only took seconds to calm her down but i just felt so sorry for her. i wish she didn't have to struggle so much. i wish she was already crawling like i see other kids younger than her do. for the first time in a long time i started to see that my daughter has down syndrome. i knew it would happen, the statistics say that she will be behind on her milestones but now i am certainly seeing them loud and clear. before it didn't seem so drastic. but now people are starting to ask, is she walking? she using the furniture to stand up? i have to tell them no. not yet.

well i never finished this entry. i'm not sure why i never posted it. so another week has gone by and i'm discovering that my little girl never gives up. she has decided that she will sit up again even if it's on her own terms. today her father was playing with her on the floor and he was so excited to tell me that she sat up twice. so there you have it. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. it seems ok to long as she just keeps trying. and from what i can see my little girl doesn't stop trying.


~KC: said...

Way to go BEAUTIFUL Maya ~

Maya is doing a GREAT job!!!.

I have faith in her determination and know that she will walk, talk and do everything all kids do. :)

GSDFosterMom said...

Way to go Maya... I am rooting for you.

The Floaters Team said...

and whatever pace she chooses, she is perfect, however she is, and doing things at just the right time for her. Love your stories and am certain that Maya will inspire.