Friday, January 2, 2009

milestone: hand to hand transfer 12.22.2008

the night we got back from visiting my family, i put maya down on her play mat to stretch and roll around. she was laying on her back and suddenly she reached over with her right hand and grabbed the plastic links next to her. then she took the links and transferred them to her left hand.

i was so excited when i saw this because this is something we have been working on in her occupational therapy. it's something i've been trying to show her all the rest of the days as well. i just wasn't sure she was getting it. she always surprises me though. there are days when i worry that she will not get it, that she is not keeping up with the "average milestone chart". but then she just does it, like she has been doing it all along.

i found this milestone chart for infants with down syndrome on the web. i was glad to see that there is something like this floating around on the net. i'm trying not to take for granted all the wonderful progress she has is making. i want to remember all these moments and the joy i feel when she does them.

i'm happy to say at nine months and almost 2 weeks maya used her hands to grab something she wanted and move it from one hand to another. developmentally this opens the door to so many possibilities. i just can't wait to see what is next.


~KC: said...

Way to go Maya!!!. Thank you for sharing the milestone chart :).
Many Blessings to you ~

evrfwd said...

thanks for your comments and reading my blog.