Monday, July 14, 2008

sign language and maya

i've been trying to sign to maya every chance i get. at first it felt kind of funny, because well, it's not like she is looking at me all the time. but lately she is looking directly at me for longer periods of time so i show her the sign for milk, food and hungry mostly.

from the moment i knew i was going to have a baby i started to dream about teaching sign language to my child. i remember the first time i saw it in person, my cousin was signing with his son. it was so cute seeing his tiny hands speaking back to his dad. at that time i didn't quite understand how useful signing could be, but when i started to think about it, i knew it was a good thing.

and researchers say that signing with babies may boost their IQ.

i've always loved sign language and now i have the most perfect excuse to use it. here is where i have found my favorite signing dvds. it's a series called signing time, of all things. i love this series because the teachings aren't too distracting or over the top. the person who stars in it sings all the songs on the video. she herself signs and then they show a lot of little kids signing the best way they can. it's really sweet.

anyway, i thought i'd share this info because i know when i was looking for a signing series i was very confused as to which product to get. i was so lucky because a down syndrome group here gave us a copy of one of the signing times dvd. i was very impressed and of course i had to order the baby signing time set. the set included 2 cd's with all the little nifty songs that they have created to sign along with. i have to admit i have been singing and signing to them on my own. they are quite catchy songs.

i'm so looking forward to that first moment when maya will use a sign. like the first time i heard her laugh and the first time i heard her coo, i'm sure it will be a special day.

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